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Are you giving your whole day to set up just an extender? Although 50% of users do the same. You do not need to worry as we are having home ease extender setup steps, to redo the Wavlink WiFi extender setup. You can also visit Business Discussion for more information.

Connect Your Device To Network

If you want to connect your computer to a 100% connectivity source, it is necessary though to log in to the web page. Then, take an ethernet wire. First, make sure it is connected to the Wavlink WiFi extender. Therefore, connect directly to the port of your computer. 

Login To The Extender

The full procedure of Wavlink extender login is given here to access the login page.

  • To start with the procedure, turn on the Wavlink extender by connecting it to a power outlet.
  • After that, connect an Ethernet wire to connect your extender to your network and computer. 
  • Thereafter, open a web browser on your system and then join it to the network of the extender.
  • Therefore, press the enter key after typing in the URL bar.
  • Now if still the page is not accessible then Use the IP address to access the admin panel. 
  • Select the login button on the Wavlink extender login page and enter the default login information.

Restart The Network

Some problems are not that tough that can not be resolved, or we can say seems so tough at the beginning. But when we will elaborate on the setup you will be amazed to do the reset so easily! Here, reboot the router and the extender. 

  • First, unplug the router and the extender. 
  • Then, wait for a moment. 
  • After a while, reconnect the devices.
  • Now, use the default login details and enter the admin panel.

Upgrade Your Web Browser 

If you are not able to find IP then the problem may result from an outdated web browser version. Therefore, to access the Wavlink extender login page, use the most recent version of your web browser. 

Take Out The Cache Memory

Errors in logging into the portal of the browser, you can bring on by clearing the memory, trash files, browsing history, or cookies from the memory. 

AP Setup Unable To Connect To The WiFi

There may be several causes for the issue of partial connection to the WiFi, numerous of these issues are common and easy to fix, so don’t fear! In this composition, we’ll go through some troubleshooting ways that will surely help you get connected fastly. 


Power Cycle The Extender


  • First, switch the extender off and wait for 30 seconds.  
  • Turn on the extender and stay for it to finish booting up.  
  • Try connecting again.  

The Extender And Existing Router Must Be In well Connection 

Still, there are two likely reasons.  

If you can see a WiFi signal from your router but can not connect to it.

The Wavlink WiFi extender for sure is not in connection with the main existing router. 

Make sure that you have connected it right and that the connection is working so slowly. 

The extender may not be in connection with the same router. 

Although, make sure that they’re all connected together.

If you have more than one router in your house then connect it with an Ethernet string. 

Check Light Indication

The extender may complete the installation but the connection is not really established. Verify the manual for your extender and make sure the light of your extender matches your model. For example, the light should. The Ring around the RE, a button should be blue. If this status is not correct please check the password, reset the extender, and do the installation again.

MAC filtering or Access Control Enabled

This could be that an ACL is blocking the MAC address of the extender from connecting or that you are filtering Client devices by MAC.  However, when you try to connect the client device to the network, the header of the MAC is changed to that of the WiFi extender. This is to ensure more complete compatibility with Clients and routers to the extender. The same goes for MAC filtering.  

Ensure To Troubleshoot Issues Regarding The Setup

We are here to tell you the setup steps and things to avoid for the Wavlink Extender Setup. 

  • One is to make sure that you do not connect a broken wire.
  • Secondly, the extender and the existing router must be in good connection.
  • Thirdly, the password should not be incorrect. So configure it once before the installation. 
  • While entering the IP address just make sure to check twice. 

Note: IP can help you surf through the web portal. As it is a shortcut that can make you easily visit the website. So do not make these mistakes. 

We hope the information given in the article is quite enough. But if you think that the problem of setup is not resolved then, you can log in to the portal of Wavlink and change it easily.

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